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The NYC Inclusive Growth steering committee members represent the diversity of New York City, and they were selected based on their academic, professional and lived experiences, interest in local policy and systemic change, passion and connection to key NYC issue areas, and to the city itself. They come from all five boroughs and represent and reflect our immigrant communities, single parents, small business owners, educators, queer communities, veterans, labor unions, individuals with disabilities, NYCHA residents, and the SUNY and CUNY systems. Leveraging their unique New York viewpoint and love of this city, they will help to address persistent economic, social and racial inequities magnified by COVID-19 by offering a new vision for how economic policy decisions are made and delivered.

This steering committee is representative of the diversity of New York City in three core facets:

  • Identity and lived experience, including race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, immigration history and status, disability, education, occupation, professional experience, and income status
  • Access (or lack thereof) to networks of civic influence
  • Priority issue areas, including racial and social justice, education, infrastructure and transportation, poverty, gender and sexuality, immigration, climate and sustainability, and disabilities and accessibilities.

The 20 steering committee members are responsible for:

  • Creating recommendations for inclusive and equitable systems of economic growth using the framework of our interconnected system of workforce and economic development, and housing and neighborhood affordability; and
  • Advocating for their implementation to government and civic stakeholders.


What is the expected time commitment for steering committee members?

See below for committee meeting schedule and expected time commitment.

What outcomes are expected of the steering committee?

Each committee member will be responsible for representing one or more of the issue areas outlined as necessary to understanding and developing community-centric economic development. Committee members are expected to work in small groups to develop policy recommendations. These groups will present their policy recommendations to the larger group; gather feedback from the committee; and help the committee synthesize this information into a broad agenda/blueprint.

What are the NYCIGI priority issue areas?

Racial and social justice, education (K-12 and higher education), housing, infrastructure and transportation, poverty, gender and sexuality, immigration, climate and sustainability, disabilities and accessibilities, economic development, workforce development, food security, criminal justice, aging, health and safety, small business, and large business.

How will ANHD, NYCETC and RPA support the steering committee?

The three lead organizations will provide ongoing research, facilitation and project management support throughout the process, as well act as the lead organizers with external partners, media, the business community, elected officials and candidates for office. The three organizations have deep experience and expertise in the three core areas for the project - housing, workforce and economic development - and will infuse these throughout the process.

How are meetings being held?

All work and meetings will take place virtually over Zoom. Support to make participation accessible will be provided as requested.

Schedule & Time Commitment for Steering Committee

Phase I: Collective Learning, Presentation & Feedback on Policy Recommendations (5-hour bi-weekly time commitment)

  • Tuesday, February 9: Half-day retreat
  • Tuesday, February 23 - May 4: 2-hour bi-weekly meetings with small group breakout sessions
  • Tuesday, May 18-June 1: Synthesize learnings and policy recommendations into collective blueprint/agenda

Phase II: Advocacy & Outreach (5-hour monthly commitment)

During the primary and election period (June 2021 - January 2022) NYCETC, ANHD, RPA, and the steering committee will actively promote the NYCIGI agenda and blueprint to candidates for the office of Mayor, Comptroller, City Council, Borough Presidents etc, as well as New Yorkers and community partners. This includes media engagements, public events and forums, meetings with candidates, and social media engagement.

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